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Brain "The Crying Towel"
CD in CD jacket
13 original tracks of music, beats and grooves performed by Brain.

1. Julius Ceasar
2. EBI Photo
3. Poppi
4. Ivanhoe
5. Idea # 5
6.Dr Hiral
7. JsButtusBoss
8. Deetdeedee
9. Dr Kaler
10. C.U.T.E.
11. Dr Levy
12. Casey
13. Mash Potato

Brain "Brain as Hamenoodle"
CD in CD jacket
Brain and Buckethead on bass.

1. Meet Hamen
2. Brad P
3. Door Handle
4. Ivanhoe
5. Sunflower Seed
6. One to Five
7. Not Feelin' It

Brain "Brain Lessons" DVD
"DVD" $35.00

Finally, a DVD with attitude! Hear and see the Primus drummer break down go-go, funk patterns, the ostinato and the up-down technique in Brain's contemporary and alternative way.
This DVD is not only educational, but entertaining as well. Suitable for all levels of playing.
DVD special features include a photo gallery, additional video footage (outtakes, village video,
influences, the Buckethead dance, Q/A), an interactive drumset, and printable lessons from Brain.


Brain- The Worst Drum Instructional DVD Ever
"DVD" $35.00
Brain has made the worst, or possibly the best drum instructional DVD ever. His follow up to the cult favorite,
Brain Lessons: Shredding Repis on the Gnar Gnar Rad focuses on the 2 & 4. Brain's simplified breakdown of his drumming philosophy is
demonstrated as he performs with friends, Buckethead and DJ Disc. The feature-packed DVD also includes various skits,
educational segments and a host of special features. Brain's newest offering is laugh-out-loud
funny and inspiring for drummers of all ages and skill levels.


Brain- Bigfish Audio sound library
Bryan "Brain" Mantia has toured worldwide and played drums for Primus, Godflesh, and has recently joined up with the current Guns & Roses crew.
Just our luck: he's also put together a collection of unique and twisted drum tracks for Big Fish Audio. And not just drum loops; these are full-length drum 'songs.'
Brain is available in three editions: a multi-track 24-bit Pro Tools/OMF edition giving you access to the individual drum mics so you can mix it however you want, an AppleLoop/REX/WAV edition which feature stereo mixdowns of the songs.
Use the drum performances as is, or cut them into smaller pieces and rearrange them and a Drum Core version for the Drum Core Application.
The multitracked drums are provided in native Pro Tools format. They can also be accessed via OMF and MID tempo map files for users of other sequencing programs. Over 8 gigabytes of material are provided in the Pro Tools sessions, spanning a wide range of tempos and styles, so if you need to add a unique rock drum part to your music, Brain's got you covered.

Brain includes 36 different funk, hip hop, soul, alternative, and underground drum performances.


In the Pro Tools/OMF edition, you get 24-bit multitrack drum performances, allowing you to mix the drums exactly the way you want them.
Each Pro Tools session & OMF file is already laid out for you with each individual mic in its own track, and locators indicating the various
sections of the song (intro, verse, chorus, etc.). In addition, stereo reference mixes are provided in WAV format. You also get individual drum samples of Brain's kit in a dry setting, medium room setting, and wet setting.

Pro Tools Edition $99.00


This edition of Brain features stereo mixdowns of the full sessions, provided for you in AppleLoop, WAV, and REX formats. 36 different songs
in a wide variety of tempos and styles are provided, perfectly cut and looped and ready to import into your audio program of choice.

Loops Edition $89.00


For the Drum Core Application.

Drum Core Edition $89.00

Kind Regards

Buckethead Brain and Melissa

3 CDR's in Jackets

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Best Regards

Buckethead Brain and Melissa

5 CDR's in Jackets

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Kevins Noodle House

Buckethead and Brain

CD in a jewal case

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The Dragons of Eden

Buckethead Travis Dickerson and Brain

CD in a jewal case

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