Shipping info:

All orders are sent U.S. first class or priority mail.

Shipping charges are:

For US domestic orders CD's are $3.50 for the first CD and $1.50 for each additional CD .
For international orders, $6.00 for the first CD and 3.00 for each additional CD.

For US domestic orders T-Shirts are $4.50 for the first shirt and $2.50 for each additional shirt.
For international orders T-Shirts are $10.00 for the first shirt and $3.00 for each additional shirt.

For US domestic orders posters are $3.00 for the first poster and $1.50 for each additional poster .
For international orders, $6.00 for the first poster and 3.00 for each additional poster.
Posters are shipped separately from other items. We use sturdy mailing tubes and your poster
will be mailed the same day as your other items but my not arrive on the same day. depending on the post office.

For US domestic orders posters are $1.00 for the first sticker and .50 cents for each additional sticker .
For international orders, $2.00 for the first sticker and 1.00 for each additional sticker.


If you should experience any problems email us here at and we will get right back to you.
Sorry, this is a small indy operation and no one is manning the phones but we are very good at getting right back to you
and solving your problem if you email us.

About security:
All credit card transactions take place through, a very popular and respected payment gateway.
Your credit card number is sent by secure server directly to Not only to we not handle or store your credit card
information, we never even see it. The only personal information we store is a copy of your invoice (no credit card information) and we never share that
information with anyone for any reason.

Sorry, this is a internet only store, we don't take telephone orders.


About International Orders:

There is a problem some ISPs in Europe have with the gateway. If you get this:
There is a problem with this transaction. Invoice Number xxxxx
PROBLEM: An error occurred during processing. Please try again.
SOLUTION: You need to wait and reTry the transaction. The Gateway is busy.
We apologize for the problem. You can also contact Customer Service. Reason Code 25

The best work around is to use the Paypal gateway instead. Order again and choose Paypal as your payment type. You can use the same credit card. You don't need a Paypal account to do this.

International orders my be subject to import duties by your country. To see what these might be, contact your local customs office.
We always ship international orders with customs declarations of the retail value of your order. We will not falsify these documents, please don't ask.


Q. How long does it take to receive my order?
A. Orders are always sent the day after the order is placed. We do not email a confirmation your order has been sent.
If you got an invoice, then your order will ship the next day. All orders are sent U.S. first class or priority post.
There are no trcking numbers. International orders are sent U.S. airmail.
Orders in the lower 48 states normally take 3 to 7 days from the time you place your order. International orders
take from 5 days to 2 weeks depending on distance and customs. Sometimes you may experience delays of up to
4 or more weeks depending on what country your in by customs hold ups. If you have waited more that two weeks for an order
to arrive, contact us to make sure we didn't make an error on our end but in all likelihood your order is
sitting in your local customs office awaiting processing. In all the years we have been doing this there has only been
a few orders actually go missing in the mail system, all the others eventually showed up after customs processing.

We prefer to ship via U.S. post because
99 percent of the time they do a very good job and it helps keep the cost to you down. In the rare event that
you have not received your order in the lower 48 states within 10 days or for international orders, two weeks,
please contact us and we will send a replacement order.

Q. How do I pay for my order?

A. When you fill our online order form you will have the opportunity to select a form of payment. We accept
Visa, Master card, American Express and Discover cards and Pay Pal. We also accept mail in payments in the form of checks,
or Money Orders ( for international orders, see the next FAQ). If you choose to send payment by mail you must complete the online order form and generate an invoice.
Mail a copy of your invoice along with your payment to: Travis Dickerson Recording Studios 9716 Cozycroft Ave.
Chatsworth CA. 91311. You must complete the order form and generate an invoice and your payment must be received
within 10 days, in both cases if you do not, your payment will be returned to you. This is the only way we can guarantee
stock when your order comes in.

Q. What if I want to place an international order without a credit card.

A. The only option you have is Pay Pal or to send an International Money Order made in U.S. dollars. Your bank, Post office or currency exchange station should
be able to help you do this. You must use the online order form and generate an invoice.
Choose "mailing payment" as your payment type.
Send a copy of the invoice with your payment to the address on the invoice.

No other form of payment by mail will be accepted all others will be returned.

Q. I placed an order but I put in the wrong address or ordered the wrong CD or I would like to change my order.
A. In most cases just email us here and we can correct the form. If you want to change or add to the order, the best way is to
email us and void the order and reorder with the changes you want to make.

Q. I received my order but the package was damaged or the CD case or disc is cracked or broken.

A. We use hard shell boxes to protect the CD's we ship. We have shipped thousands of CD's and have had
very few problems with broken CD's. Having said that however, CD's are notoriously prone to having their plastic cases getting cracked
in shipping or just about any other act of handling. The plastic case is very thin and it's unsupported from pressure to the front of the
CD. Just a little pressure on the front of the case and even with packing material around it the case will crack. Another problem is there is nothing to prevent
the disc from popping off the spindle and getting scratched by it in the shrink wrapped case. No amount of packing can prevent this.
Way less than one percent of CD's arrive with any damage. Any more effort in packing them would increase the cost to everybody's shipping and handling and would
still probably not prevent the above damage. In any event, if you have problems with damage
email us here and we can send you either a replacement case or CD if needed. If you have a problem with damage on an international order, please email us
our remedies may be vary for international orders.

Q. O. K. the CD got here in great shape but.... it's the wrong CD, not the one I ordered.

A. O. K. that's embarrassing. Very rarely things can get overwhelmingly busy around here and all it take is a moment of brain freeze and,
well oops. Email us here and the correct CD will be sent right away. Keep the wrong one, hopefully it's something you might enjoy.

Q. I can't get your order form to work on my computer, what can I do.

A. Most problems people have with our ordering system have to do with having an older version of their browser or no or outdated
version of Java. The second biggest problem is that you have Cookies turned off for your browser. Cookies must be turned on for our
shopping cart to work. Make sure you have a fairly up to date version of you browser and Java and make sure you have Cookies turned on
in your browsers preferences.
If you have any other problems or questions email us at and we will be happy to help you.