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About the studio and recording services

  • Online Music Production Services

    Consultation, production advise and song evaluation, mixing and mastering

    Consultaion to hands on mixing.

    Over the years I have been asked numerous times about giving advise, evaluating productions, songs, how to improve all aspects of music production including doing mixes for artists located outside Los Angeles. I now offer very low rates for musicians working on a budget for a charge per service rate.

    Consultation and Advise.

    Send me your song and I'll put it up on the studio speakers and give it several listens. I'll give a general sense of what I think of the music, song and arrangement and advise on the sonics and suggestions for improving the production and quality of the presentation of the music if needed. Consultation price is $50.00 per song and I'll wave that fee if you participate in my mixing and mastering services.

    Mixing and Mastering.

    I can mix your multirack sessions here at the studio. I do an all analog mix through my Trident 80B console using my Neve EQs and outboard compressors including SSL mix bus compression. I'll include some drum replacement if needed and deliver a stereo mix as well as a mastered mix. The service includes one mix revision. The rate is $200.00 per song. If you want me to do an album I offer a discounted rate for 10 tracks or more. Other services include tempo manipulation and vocal tuning for a small additional fee depending on the scope of the work. I'll give you a quote after an evaluation. If your song uses programed drums one of the best ways to improve the production is to add real drums. Together with DJ Bonebrake we over an online drum service. See below
    -- Travis
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    Online drum-recording services

    Travis and DJ

    Have DJ Bonebrake replace your programmed drums, recorded at TDRS by Travis.

    DJ Bonebrake and Travis Dickerson have been working together for almost 30 years. DJ has played on Travis's records, including solo records and those with Buckethead, Viggo Mortensen, Alix Lambert and many others. We offer an affordable and easy alternative to drum software tracks.
    Go here for details about DJ, our online drum-recording services and prices: Online drum-recording services

  • The recording studio and services

    Gear list and studio info

    Travis Dickerson Recording Studios

    TDRS is available for booking. We have always been about independent artists and bands. We offer very affordable rates for unsigned artists and bands. The studio is available in 4-hour blocks that can be booked one block at a time or consecutively. If you have a question about rates and availability, use the contact link.

    Here is a list of the studio gear:

    ProTools HD TDM 8.1.1
    2 Digidesign 192 interfaces with a total of 24 in and 24 out
    rebuilt and restored Trident 80b


    2 Neve 1073
    2 Neve 3115
    2 Neve 31114
    2 Neve 1272
    2 Neve 1084 EQs
    8-channel Ward Beck sidecar with 460 modules


    Alan Smart C2
    3 Distressor EL8's
    original Teletronix LA2A
    Summit ADL 100
    David Royer custom stereo LA2A
    DBX 160x
    2 Valley People Dyna-mite
    2 Lexicon PCM 70
    full complement of software plug-ins and VI's


    Neumann U87
    David Royer custom U47
    2 Royer 121
    2 Sony C37a
    2 Neumann KM 84
    2 AKG d12
    2 AKG 451e
    Shure SM7
    2 Milab v41
    3 Sennheiser 421
    10 Shure 57 2 Shure 58


    custom George Augspurger TAD
    Yamaha NS10
    KRK v8
    Furman HDS6 headphone system

    Here is a list of the studio instruments:


    In the last 20 years, almost every recording done here used this Gretsch kit. Drummers including Vinnie Colaiuta and Gregg Bissonette have come here specifically to record on this kit. We have many sizes and configurations of the kit and can get a great sound on any style of music.

    Gretsch Jasper shell drums:
    toms: 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 16" and 18"
    kick: 18", 22" and 24"
    snares: Ludwig Black Beauty, Gretsch and custom 8"
    DW hardware
    Zildjian cymbals


    We have some great vintage keyboards:
    Hammond B3
    Hammond C2
    Leslie 122 and custom Leslie 122
    Fender Rhodes suitcase
    Yamaha C2 grand piano
    Prophet 08
    SE 1 (mini Moog)
    Kurzweil PC88
    Alesiss Andromeda
    many other interesting keyboards and a host of software VI's